The CJ Bio Monthly Bulletin: August 2020

In the August issue of the CJ Bio Monthly Bulletin, Ramalho Rodrigueiro from CJ Brazil takes a look at tryptophan in swine diets containing animal byproducts and highlights a few interesting physiological functions of tryptophan which are often not considered when formulating swine diets.

Dr Behnam Saremi of CJ Europe focuses on one of the latest amino acids to enter the market, L-Histidine. He gives an illuminating overview of the uses and functions of histidine against the backdrop of low-proteinbroiler diets. Bartosz Kulig, also of CJ Europe, writes about arginine, its application in layer diets, and effects on production parameters and immunity.

CJ India’s Preety Mohanty is back with a fascinating overview of low crude protein diets. She takes a holistic view that focuses not just on nutritional aspects, but also on animal health, welfare, and sustainability, while driving home the point that low crude protein diets are a must to ensure the future sustainability of the global poultry industry.

Haesol Shin from CJ Bio headquarters in South Korea explains the use and value of using meta-analysis to improve the accuracy of estimating amino acid requirements in animal nutrition. This is, of course, a key requirement for the effective use of supplemental amino acids in low crude protein diets.

Heinrich Jansen van Vuuren holds a BSc in animal science from the University of Pretoria and is the team lead for amino acids, companion animals, and aquaculture at Chemuniqué.

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