IFF completes merger with DuPont N&B


The team at Chemuniqué are excited to announce that IFF and DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences (N&B) business have officially completed their merger, creating an industry leader for customers in the food, healthcare, consumer goods and industrial global markets. The new IFF has four well-positioned business divisions to serve customers’ needs: Nourish, Scent, Health & Biosciences and Pharma Solutions.

The new Health & Biosciences division offers high-performance technical product solutions, including enzymes, yeasts, cultures, plant-extracts, probiotics, prebiotics, and microbial control. Inspired by nature and distinguished by cutting-edge bioscience and microbiome capabilities, the Health & Biosciences division will continue the leadership position of DuPont as an essential innovation partner across a broad range of markets. “The merger of IFF and DuPont’s N&B unit will create a company with double the research and development capability of any other in the industry,” says Ed Breen, DuPont executive chairman and chief executive officer.

As the Animal Nutrition business becomes part of IFF, they will retain the name Danisco Animal Nutrition – a brand with a strong heritage in the animal production industry, built over 35 years of feed additive innovation. Importantly, the Animal Nutrition business will be a core strategic focus area within the wider IFF group, thereby unlocking significant investment in future research that will continue the trajectory started by Danisco and DuPont of innovation and development of leading product solutions to meet the needs of the animal and poultry industries in the future.

“Improving future efficiencies and sustainability of animal protein production is at the heart of our business and something we intend to continue to invest in heavily to find the next technological breakthroughs that can make a real difference to our customers and the animals we feed.”

Dr Peter Plumstead, innovation director at Chemuniqué.

“The merger of these two very significant research-driven organisations is only likely to strengthen Chemuniqué’s ability to grow in our role of facilitating improved efficiencies in animal nutrition and the sustainability of food production in our region. We will continue to keep you informed as the post-merger activities progress and you should expect to continue to receive the same best-in-class service from our trusted partners as you have always enjoyed. They have also assured us that they do not anticipate any changes in production locations, processes, quality, or regulatory status.”

Terry Wiggill, managing director of Chemuniqué.

Andreas Fibig, IFF chairman and chief executive officer, is thrilled to officially unite IFF and N&B, saying: “Our organisations have deep histories of creativity, innovation excellence and a shared commitment to care for our communities. With our combined platform, IFF is an essential partner for our customers, uniquely positioning us to address our customers’ evolving needs, unlock long-term value creation, and accelerate our pursuit of new, creative and integrated solutions.”

With best-in-class R&D capabilities, a diverse portfolio of unique products and solutions, and a unified team comprising exceptional talent from both organisations, the new IFF will be a customer-focused leader with an enhanced ability to deliver long-term value while upholding its commitment to safe, sustainable practices and products.

“As a global industry leader of highly valued consumer ingredients, the new IFF is well-positioned to deliver growth and to unlock long-term value for shareholders, customers and employees.”

Ed Breen, DuPont executive chairman and chief executive officer.

As part of the new brand identity, IFF has launched a new tagline, purpose, brand commitments, and cultural attributes and values to support the success of the four divisions that now comprise the new IFF. Their new brand identity and tagline: “Where science and creativity meet”, captures the company’s longstanding focus on the dynamic interplay between artistry and science to deliver differentiated, integrated solutions to customers that amaze and delight. The company’s purpose: “Applying science and creativity for a better world”, continues to inspire everyone at IFF to push past traditional industry boundaries and commits to be a force for a better and more sustainable future.

Chemuniqué’s partnership with Danisco Animal Nutrition remains strong. We look forward to further enhancing the business relationship and continuing to add great value to our customers through unique nutritional solutions to improve the efficiency of livestock production in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Robyn Joubert is the marketing manager at Chemuniqué, contact Robyn at 074 252 3333 / robyn@chemunique.co.za.

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