All trace minerals are not created equal

Zinpro Performance MInerals

Although the amount needed is measured in milligrams, essential trace minerals are a key component in many biochemical processes in the animal and are necessary to sustain life, fight disease, and promote growth, development, and healthy reproduction in livestock. However, not all trace minerals are created equal in terms of their structure, absorption, and performance.

A key component of an organic trace mineral is stability, meaning it can withstand the low pH of the stomach and not dissociate. Antagonists can bond to the mineral, causing it to not be absorbed and instead be excreted by the animal. The antagonist can also block the trace mineral transporters located in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), preventing the trace mineral from being taken up into the enterocytes in the small intestine — meaning the trace mineral will not be absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized by the tissues and cells. 

Transporters are the key to effective mineral absorption 

For a trace mineral to be absorbed into an enterocyte, it must pass through transporters in the GIT. Among the transporters are metal ion transporters and amino acid transporters. 

Inorganic trace minerals are metal ions and therefore must use the metal ion transporter. Organic trace minerals, while bonded to a carbon-containing molecule such as methionine hydroxy analog (MHA), often dissociate in the low pH of the stomach to become an inorganic trace mineral, meaning the mineral must also use the metal ion transporter. This causes the transporter to regulate the amount of trace minerals absorbed by the enterocyte. 

Zinpro Performance Minerals® are the only trace minerals where the metal is structurally bonded to certain amino acids, such as methionine, that allow the metal to be efficiently absorbed. This complex is water-soluble, stable, and not affected by antagonists, and is uniquely absorbed through the amino acid transporters. Then, once Zinpro Performance Minerals® are in circulation, they are metabolized differently than other metal sources.  

R = side chain of a 1:1 amino acid metal complex

Different metabolism demonstrates a unique form of metal in circulation, resulting in increased performance

Zinpro Performance Minerals® are excreted in the urine at a much slower rate than inorganic and low-quality organic trace minerals. This means that Zinpro Performance Minerals® are in circulation longer — allowing time for the tissues and cells to utilize the trace minerals more effectively. 

Proven research 

Zinpro Performance Minerals® are proven — in over 250 peer-reviewed research studies — to help maximize animal well-being, reproduction, feed efficiency, growth, production, birth, hatch, and hoof/paw health quality. 

Trace minerals are not created equal. Zinpro Performance Minerals® — Zinpro ProPath®, Zinpro Availa®, Zinpro Original Line and Zinpro Eco Line — are proven to help you maximize the genetic potential of your animals. 

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