Achieve the four pillars of swine production

Despite the current challenges being faced by the South African pig industry, including African swine fever (ASF), high raw material and low pork prices, we believe the future is bright if we can capitalise on the opportunities in front of us by working together. The complex challenges we face in today’s production environment call for comprehensive, multifaceted solutions and a holistic strategy that incorporates health management, nutrition, and effective animal husbandry skills in order to achieve the four pillars of swine production. I’m sure we can all agree that robust pigs are more productive, and they are equipped to finish strong in each production phase – all of which allow us to raise pork more responsibly. 

Read the full article by Dr Zachary Rambo, entitled “Achieve the four pillars of swine production” as published by our partners at Zinpro.

Mashilo Phosa is the Swine team lead at Chemuniqué

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