Inflammation: good or bad?

by Dr Dana Tomlinson When our companions are challenged by stress, injury, or infection, inflammation is the natural response. Inflammation is an important protective reaction by the body that helps to repair tissues after infections and injuries. This draws energy and resources away from other physiological functions in order to deal with the immediate challenge to restore the natural balance in the body as quickly as possible. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, critical nutrients are continuously diverted to the immune system and away from important metabolic functions, causing subclinical, and eventually clinical symptoms. These symptoms manifest in a variety of ways, affecting general health and growth, and skin and paw pad integrity which, in turn, elicits a further immune response. Essential trace minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium are crucial to achieve a targeted and effective immune response in companion animals. Supplementing Zinpro Performance Minerals® supports a robust and balanced immune response, avoiding chronic inflammation and its associated negative effects on the well-being of companion animals. Click here to read the full article by Dr Dana Tomlinson, the global leader for aqua, companion animal, equine, small ruminant and camelid research and technical services for Zinpro Performance Minerals®.

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