Joining an initiative by SAPork, the Chemuniqué team is ALL IN to show our support for President Cyril Ramaphosa during these challenging times. The #YesMrPresident campaign is aimed at showing support to our leaders and our country by showing that we are playing our part in the correct way. “We believe that our leaders are facing more and more challenges every day in navigating the people of South Africa through this pandemic,” says Johann Kotzé, chief executive officer of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO). “As we all know, the agriculture sector plays a vital part in ensuring that the food supply chain continues from farm to fork and that our nation continues to have access to food. This process comes with added risks as it forms part of the essential services and requires people to travel and work together, even at a distance. With heightened risks, tighter control and measures are required, and we need to show that we are doing all the right things.”

Dear Mr President

As a South African to my very core, I wish extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the fantastic leadership you have displayed in leading our nation and its people through what will arguably be described as one of the most challenging eras of modern history.

As a significant contributor to the nation’s extended food supply chain, I’m proud to be able to stand behind you and say #YesMrPresident! The Chemuniqué team is with you and can be counted upon to do everything in our ability to play our role in keeping our nation’s food supply chain intact.

This time will be counted in years to come as “a proudly South African moment” and I am proud to be able to lead our small team at this time, to support you and our nation.

We also look forward to the time beyond this crisis, where we will stand together as we rebuild our beautiful country to reclaim its rightful place among the nations of the world.

– Terry Wiggill, managing director of Chemuniqué

Chemuniqué is proud of our commitment to play our role in producing feed for food for the future. We believe that our business is a vital cog in ensuring that feed and food producers can continue to provide quality agricultural products; therefore, it is our priority to continue serving the industry within the new guidelines.

Visit us on LinkedIn to see our team in action, and we are looking to seeing your own #YesMrPresident moments as well!

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Robyn Joubert is the marketing manager at Chemuniqué, contact Robyn at 074 252 3333 / robyn@chemunique.co.za.

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