Wings for Life World Run, 8 May 2022

Imagine spending a whole chunk of Mother’s Day with your significant other and your kids back at the office where you spend all day working from Monday to Friday, and doing it willingly on a Sunday, to go for a 5 km walk with your colleagues, including the managing director and his wife?

That’s what we did on Sunday 8 May 2022, taking part and running and walking for those who can’t, in a massive worldwide fund raiser for spinal injury research. The annual Wings for Life World Run is held worldwide and, uniquely, this race commences at exactly the same time in every country and participants run as fast as they can before being caught by the catcher car. It’s fully sponsored by Red Bull, so 100% of participant’s entry fees go directly into the spinal cord research fund to help to find a cure for spinal cord injury. This year, 161 892 people from all over the world joined the Wings for Life World run and raised €4,7 million (almost R80 million) for this research – a stunning outcome!

It was also fantastic to socialise a little like we all did before the Covid-19 lockdowns hit us in South Africa in March 2020, and sharing hamburgers on our open patio made by the wonderful Filthy Moustache mobile food truck was an added bonus after we all had done our little bit towards this great fund-raising event.

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