Lockdown week 2: Communication statement


As we make our way through lockdown week 2 and continue to navigate the unknown waters that lie ahead of us, the team at Chemuniqué endeavors to continue providing updates on the situation that affect both ourselves and our customers and partners.

During last week, the news broke of the Moody’s decision to downgrade South Africa’s economic rating. “This has potential disastrous effects on all of us, especially during the current situation we find ourselves in,” says Terry Wiggill, managing director of Chemuniqué. “It could even be likened to kicking a friend in the teeth while he’s is down.”

The long-term economic outlook for the country is likely very significant, as there is a potential impact on consumer income and, therefore, on spending on food items. This needs to be top of mind for all of us involved in agriculture and provides an opportunity to reframe the situation into a positive one through reimagining the way we currently work and produce food for the future in an efficient and sustainable way. One question that comes to mind is: “How can we create opportunities through greater collaboration between indivuduals, companies, and industries?”

While the long-term effects are already visible, the more relevant short-term devastation to our currency will impact all of us. At Chemuniqué, we endeavor to do everything we can to reduce this impact on customers; however, the inevitable potential price increases across all raw materials, commodities, and feed additives will be looming for our industry.

Regarding the stock and logistics situation, most of you received communication that ports and most transporters and warehouses will continue operating normally. Having experienced some delays in this regard, we seem to be back on track with product supply. Please note that we still do have some regulations around warehouse operating times and expect certain challenges around deliveries. As always, these will be communicated individually should we foresee any changes to the current status. Please do continue to keep open communication with us to ensure we can best assist.

Chemuniqué and our partners are committed to finding creative and innovative ways to inspire knowledge and ensure efficient production of animal feed and animal protein for the future. Prosperity for our vulnerable economy is a battle we should all aim to come out of in good shape.

If you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to contact your Chemuniqué consultant or myself at any time.

Kind regards,

Jackie Tucker

+27 (0) 82 571 2165

PS If you missed last week’s statement, you can read it here.

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Jackie Tucker is the commercial executive at Chemuniqué

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