Living the Chemuniqué WHY during COVID-19

the chemunique team

At Chemuniqué, we are passionate about people, personal relationships, about the animals we work with, and great science. We are also passionate about living the Chemuniqué WHY during COVID-19 – using global knowledge, strengthened by local research and expertise, to produce feed for food for the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resultant declaration by President Cyril Ramaphosa of a national state of disaster under the Disaster Management Act (57 of 2002) on 23 March 2020, has meant that all businesses and people in the country have been forced to find a way to operate under these new normal circumstances – however temporary they may be. The agricultural sector remains operational under these extraordinary circumstances, and we believe that our business is a vital cog in ensuring that feed and food producers can continue to provide quality agricultural products. That is why we are committing to supplying our sub-Saharan customers as per normal, wherever that’s within our ability. During this time, we are also asking ourselves: “How can we create opportunities through greater collaboration between individuals, companies, and industries?”

Having said that, we also believe in the power of human connection, so we want to inspire you with a few personal messages from our leader team:

“We are in this together, as a company, as an industry, and as a country, says managing director Terry Wiggill, “and you can rest assured of our continued commitment to focusing on ways to improve production and feed efficiency into the future, specifically capitalising on the food production potential of sub-Saharan Africa.”

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