Chemuniqué is proud to present at the 2022 PSA Annual Meeting

2022 PSA Annual Meeting

This year’s Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting is the first in-person meeting in two years and offers attendees exposure to the latest science and research within the poultry science field. The 2022 PSA Annual Meeting is being held in San Antonio, Texas from 11–14 July 2022.

Presentation by Kyle Venter

Make sure you don’t miss the presentation by our very own innovation manager, Kyle Venter, at 16:30 on Tuesday 12 July, as part of the student competition in the Metabolism and nutrition: Vitamins and minerals category.

Title: The effect of different calcium and phosphorus recommendations and limestone solubility on early broiler performance and bone mineralisation.

Dr Peter Plumstead presenting on behalf of Thabisa Soko

We are so proud that one of our interns, Thabisa Soko, has been accepted to present at this year’s PSA Annual Meeting. Dr Peter Plumstead will be presenting on his behalf on Tuesday 12 July at 14:45, with a presentation entitled: “Effect of dietary calcium and phosphorus specifications and limestone solubility on performance, bone mineralisation and cost of broiler production.”

With inorganic phosphate prices having increased more than 230% over the past 12 months, the ability to maximise phosphorus digestibility and reduce the dependence on monocalcium phosphate (MCP) will be a critical tool for our broiler producers to improve profitability in these challenging times. Results of these two studies showed that a potential cost saving of R0,28/kg broiler can strategically be achieved relative to breed standard recommendations, while at the same time maintaining bone mineralisation and broiler performance. The research by Kyle and Thabisa was funded by Chemuniqué in collaboration with the University of Maryland, and supports our vision of investing in local research to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our Industry.

For more information about the Poultry Science Association or about the 2022 PSA Annual Meeting, visit their website.

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  1. Sonja Swanepoel says:

    Well done guys on all the great research, all of the best at the conference, sure you’ll make SA, the Poultry Industry and Chemunique very proud!

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