Wallpapers to exhilarate you in May

2020 was quite a year, and although no-one really got to enjoy their usual  photo safari, we asked our Chemuniqué friends and family to rummage through their archives to find the best of the best wildlife photographs they have taken over the years. 

Research repeatedly shows that being close to the wild makes people feel healthier and happier, so this year we are even more pleased to present the 2021 Chemuniqué calendar! Once again, we received so many beautiful photographs that choosing just 12 to include in the calendar was extremely challenging. That is why we are sharing an additional three photographs as wallpapers every month for you to download to your computer, tablet, or mobile phone! All images will credit the original photographer, so that you can also get to know and love our extended Chemuniqué family.

Download your favourite wallpaper today, and watch this space for a new selection every month.

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