Exceptional wallpapers for July

In this, the third instalment of the new Chemuniqué calendar series – 2020’s “Be inspired”, 2021’s “Be exhilarated”, and this year’s “Be exceptional” calendars – we are proud to, once again, present some more of the stunning photographs submitted by our Chemuniqué friends and family as wallpapers every month for you to download to your computer, tablet, or mobile phone! All images will credit the original photographer, so that you can also get to know and love our extended Chemuniqué family.

Alvis Lazarus once said: “Wildlife photographers are nature wizards; they don’t have a wand to cast a spell, but a magical eye to enter a magical world – that eye is the viewfinder!” We thank all the wizards that share their magic with us and allow us to live vicariously through them for a moment.

Download your favourite wallpaper today and watch this space for a new selection every month.

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