Excreting the most out of your broiler production system

As poultry production begins to sore, we must act before the excreta hits the fan! It is without question that the poultry industry is indispensable when it comes to providing the world with an affordable source of quality protein. According to Poultry Trends, global poultry meat production reached approximately 125 million metric tons in 2018….

The catalyst you need to jumpstart your production system

Making sense of the wide variety of commercially available phytase products can be a daunting prospect. This can often lead to a poultry producer feeling confused and frustrated. That is why we at Chemuniqué believe that the only way to separate the best from the pretenders is with scientifically supported evidence. An example of such…

What does your gut feeling say about enteric disorders?

young weaner pigs

We have all experienced it, that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Perhaps you felt it just before you had to stand up in front of a large crowd to deliver an important speech, or maybe once when you were on holiday and tried a new dish. It is not a pleasant feeling…

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