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  1. a company using global knowledge, strengthened by local research and expertise, to produce feed for food for the future.


  1. Building on robust, trust-built relationships with customers and partners, we proudly serve the animal production industry and play our role in sustainability with the utmost scientific credibility, responsibility, and integrity.

The competitiveness of regional food production is critical for the future of animal agriculture in Southern Africa. With global predictions of a looming shortfalls in the ability to produce the calorie requirements of a rapidly expanding population, this is an exciting opportunity for our region’s agriculture. We believe in broadening the frontiers of what is possible today, to meet the nutritional needs of tomorrow. 

AvailaMins® are metal amino acid complexes from Zinpro Corporation that represent a breakthrough in organic trace minerals. They are designed to be the most highly efficacious, yet cost-effective, source of organic trace minerals ever offered.

To create AvailaMins, Zinpro combined a new process for the production of free amino acids with the best of our current technology to yield a product unlike any other. In this new process, a highly pure source of protein is subjected to a patent-pending amino acid extraction process to yield an intermediate product containing only free amino acids, with no dipeptides, tripeptides, or larger protein fragments. These free amino acids are then isolated and complexed with a specific trace mineral using our proven and patented complexing technology to yield AvailaMins. Like all complexes from Zinpro, AvailaMins are always complexed in a 1:1 ratio, with one amino acid molecule bound to one metal ion. Our patented complexing technology has been proven by years of research to yield a highly bioavailable, highly effective trace mineral product for use in monogastric and livestock rations.

AvailaMins are available in both individual and combination formulas designed for a wide array of production settings, including individual products such as Availa-Zn, Availa-Mn, Availa-Cu, and Availa-Fe, and combination products such as Availa-4 for beef and dairy cattle.

No, for the following reasons:

  1. Antagonists such as calcium, iron, sulfur, and molybdenum reduce the bioavailability of inorganic trace minerals more than complexed trace minerals.
  2. Stress reduces absorption and retention of inorganic trace minerals more than complexed trace minerals.
  3. Due to competition for ligands for absorption and saturation of carriers, animal performance tends to plateau when animals consume inorganic trace minerals.
  4. The addition of sulfate trace minerals to the diet may occasionally have a negative impact on animal performance.